404 Kindergartners Dance with Mary Amidon

Kindergartners Dance with Mary Amidon

Musician Mary Amidon, widely respected performing and teaching artist, is singing and dancing with your kindergartner this week!


For the past twenty years, Mary Alice Amidon has specialized in teaching and performing traditional song, dance and storytelling to both children and adults.  She and her husband, Peter, are well known faces at the major northeast US music and dance festivals.  Her two solo albums of songs for children — Teaching Kindergarten and Songs for a Singing Family — are two of the most popular CD’s from the Amidon collection.  Mary will be in your child’s classroom three days this week, and her residency will end with a school-wide assembly on Thursday.

  • Ask your child what song they sang with Mary Amidon.
  • Ask your child if they learned a special dance and have them show you.

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