Peter Amidon Sings with 2nd Graders

Vermont Musician Peter Amidon, renowned performing and teaching artist, is singing and dancing with your 2nd grader this week!


Peter Amidon has made music his life’s work. ┬áHe and his wife are widely respected artists who, for the past twenty years, have specialized in teaching and performing traditional song, dance and storytelling to both children and adults. Peter is the founder and former director of Brattleboro Music Center Children’s Choir, a choir director at the Guilford Community Church, and a regular leader of Adult Village Harmony summer camp sessions. His 2nd grade residency will end with a school-wide assembly on Thursday and a square dance for second grade families on Thursday night.

  • Ask your child what dance they learned and where the dance originated.
  • Ask your child to retell the story Peter Amidon related to their class.

Thanks to your generous support, the Tewksbury Education Foundation is able to sponsor this special event.