4th Grade: Lego Robotics (Game-U)

Game-U Lego Robotics 4th Grade – 5 Day Residency Timing TBD Using special WeDo LEGO® Education Kits, students learn hands-on about mechanical engineering, structural design, and introductory robotics. They will build their robots, discover scientific principles, and then using our computers will learn how to program their creations to move and make sounds. Residency will […]

4th grade: Andy Wasserman

Andy Wasserman 4th Grade – 5 Day Residency December 2014 Music – The Voice of Unity Composer and performer Andy Wasserman nurtures a greater appreciation and awareness of world cultures using music as a voice for unity, peace, understanding and harmony. Residency details: • Full School assembly • In-classroom workshop with each 4th grade class […]

Sunjata Kamalenya Comes to the 4th Grade March 19th

Sunjata Kamalenya Comes to the 4th Grade   Your 4th grader will experience the magic of the theater and the drama of storytelling at its finest. This week, they’ll participate in Sunjatat Kamalenyda, the story of the real Lion King of Africa.  Even better so can you! Parents are invited to attend the performance, March […]